• Al Edge is available in 100 metre roll lengths, in 100m, 200m or 400m as standard box sizes.
  • EZ & Vent Edge are available in 50 & 100m rolls with 100 & 200m as standard box sizes
  • Larger Quantities are stacked no more than 8 rolls high and wrapped to minimise packaging.
  • Each coil is separated by a flat sheet of cardboard to prevent damage during transport/handling.
  • Special length rolls are available upon request for all products.



Small orders of common colours are ‘same day or next day despatch’, “guaranteed”
Larger stock orders – may take up to 3 days to despatch.

All orders are palletised and shrink wrapped and ‘top stowed’ for protection. We also have an empty ‘crush test’ box placed on top of the pallet. This is to ensure the carrier has not stacked other goods on top of the load. If the ‘crush test’ box is damaged please inspect the goods and contact our office immediately.


Colour Range


We have ALL standard colours available ex-stock New Plymouth, which complement ‘ALL STANDARD’ N.Z. Steel & Pacific Coil Coaters colour range, as well as Zincalume, Plain Aluminium & Copper.

All Edging Systems soft edge materials are factory painted to ASTM standards in USA to our exacting requirements as required under AS/NZS 2728,2013,and are precisely colour matched to complement N.Z. Steel & Pacific Coil Coaters colours.

We recommend that our products are NOT initially hand painted, as there can be brush lines, colour differentials, and varying paint fade initially & over time, resulting in mis-matching of colour hues.

Initial hand painting can result in overpainting the roofing material, which can nullify warranties, as well as sealing the ventilating perforations. The result can make soft edge difficult to dress and prone to tearing easily as the overpainting does not stretch during “dressing”.

Repainting of the soft edge can be carried out at the time of roof resurfacing

Contact Edging Systems NZ Ltd for advice and recommendation’s on overpainting.



  • Upon receipt of goods inspect for damage immediately.
  • Remove large stacks from pallet and put away into storage
  • Use a good shelf or racking.—available free of charge upon request-
  • It is essential that all soft edge material being stored in rolls is kept out of direct sunlight. ie: do not store under skylights in Rollformers workshops.
  • Do not leave rolls hanging overnight or over weekends, as this can cause the Poly-Isobutylene material to stick together on the top side, resulting in unusable materials.
  • Do not stack rolls of product on the ‘cut edge’. Place on the folded edge for support.
  • Do not multi-stack rolls on top of each other.
  • Do not force the material from under ridging as this can damage the soft edge.
  • Do not try to remove the tissue paper backing, as this is to protect the soft edge when going through the ridging machine and during stacking of flashings for transport to site.
  • Ensure installation guides on Rollforming machinery kept clean and well maintained.
  • Transport. Ensure that flashings with soft edge attached are stacked neatly and not catching on any protrusions which may result in soft edge damage.



After receiving your ridging and or flashings from your Rollfomer, please check for any damage to the soft edge. If damaged do not try to repair or use, have it replaced.
All installations must be as per the ‘N.Z.M.R.M. ‘Code of Practice’ recommendations.

  • Ensure that the tops of the roofing material have been turned up to provide a good ‘stop end’ as per NZMRM Code Of Practice
  • Unfold the soft edge from beneath the roofing materials using minimal force.
  • Do not attempt to remove any soft paper backing from the Polyisobutylene.
  • Fix the ridging and or Flashings according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Dress down the soft edging as per recommendations in “Malleability” section below.



All products are designed and manufactured to ensure that the dressing down of the material into the valleys of either Corrugated or Trapezoidal roofing profiles is an easy process whilst still keeping best possible aesthetics and suitability for purpose.

When dressing down the soft edge on trapezoidal profiles. start in the centre of the pan with the’ Work M8’ tool and roll either way towards the ribs. The tool is designed to flatten the soft edge against the pan and side walls of the rib.

When dressing down onto Corrugated profiles, just push down with the ‘Work M8’ until completely formed, resulting in a perfect fit.

AL Edge

Requires the use of a soft faced hammer, preferably convex shaped or a “Knobal” (placed on the hammer face) and preferably a single dressing down tap with such into place for corrugate and a tap into the pan on each side of rib on trapezoidal.

Caution–Do not over dress material as aluminium tends to work harden and will spring back up if overworked so less dressing will generally give a more aesthetically pleasing result.

EZ Edge & Vent Edge

Historically the use of your thumb or fingers is easy enough to dress down and still works.
Recently we have developed the ‘EZ Work M8’ tool which has been specifically designed to dress our soft edge easily without damage or overstretching and tearing of perforations or rubber backing.

This use of the “EZ Work M8” is preferable on Ez Edge and recommended on Vent Edge to allow the perforations to open evenly during the dressing process and allow the maximum ventilation possible without tearing the material.



The grade of Aluminium of our Soft Edging is compatible with Galvanised, Zincalume, Zinc, ZAM, and Aluminium roofing and cladding.

The Polyisobutylene material also compatible with the above mentioned materials and is manufactured from low carbon black materials and is non-conductive as required.



Natural rain wash is normally sufficient to remove most contaminants or salt spray & dust. If the roof is in a severe or very severe marine location, we recommend regular hand washing with a soft broom and water. Treat regular soft edge maintenance as per your roofing warranty requirements.

Moderate ISO Category 3, Exposed Areas-Rain washing. Unwashed areas, manual wash every 6 months
Severe ISO Category 4, Rain Washing, Manual Washing every 3 months

Very Severe, Category 5 ‘Not recommended for warranty usage’.




Al Edge, EZ Edge, Vent Edge performs to and is warranted for;

  • 15 years for corrosion as described in AS/NZS 1734, 1997
  • 10 Years for paint
  • 5 years non fade, 5 years pro rata declining for excessive fade as described in AS/NZS2728, 2013.

***Note to Warranty.

It is agreed commonly that paint from different manufacturers fade in different manners and at different rates, and there is no warranty against paint fading differently to that of primary metal roofing material, provided that the paint fade is not excessive as prescribed in AS/NZS 2728.



Now we have the new ‘EZ Work M8’ which is the only tool for the installation of soft edge materials into the profiles of metal roofing. This new innovation will not tear, rip, mark or scratch any soft edging. It will also leave a professional finish to the soft edge used with any Corrugated or Trapezoidal profile.

No longer will you have sore fingers or damage to the soft edge using your hands or a hammer. This single tool can be used with either hand or end to obtain a professional result every time.


Download this information as a PDF (Click to view, Right-click to download)